Bill is managing a commercialization project for a small beverage company. During our manufacture search, we found a great fit for the brand. They have all the capabilities needed to produce and store a safe and quality product. They also have reasonable MOQ’s, a fair price, and are in the geographic region that the client wants.

So what’s the issue? This facility does not have reverse osmosis (RO) water, which the brand strongly values. While it is possible to build the right water profile to get the desired taste at this facility, it is important that the label says “Reverse Osmosis Water.”

Bill worked with the co-packer to find a way to source RO water in totes from a nearby facility. We can now explore the cost and brand impact of getting the water shipped in vs. building a comparable water profile from the co-man’s water supply. Bill put the client’s needs first and prepared contingencies so we can collectively make the right decision for the brand.

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