Affordable Cottage Business Coaching

Our Clients Are…

  • Less than $500,000 in revenue.
  • Self manufacturing or at a small co-manufacturing facility with oversight and input from the founder. 
  • Established local market, and expect to grow regionally or nationally soon.
  • Working full-time on their business.

Our Clients Need Help…

  • Formalizing their product.
  • Producing the right documentation to get into larger retailers.
  • Understanding the next steps to scaling their business.
  • Creating and executing their growth plan.

Our Approach

A dedicated FoodOps Project Manager will lead an intake session to understand your product, goals, manufacturing situation, internal team, challenges, and immediate needs.

  • Our team of subject matter experts can work on small projects to get you ready for commercialization. For example:
  • Formulation consultation
  • Manufacturing optimization
  • Food safety and quality consulting
  • Specification development
  • Shelf life testing
  • NFP generation and review 
  • Ingredient and packaging sourcing and approval
  • Feasibility studies
  • Team mentorship and training

Bi-Weekly meetings with your Project Manager ensure that you are updated, and our team is working on the issues that are still the most important to you. We are agile and can shift to new priorities quickly.

Our structured meetings and cadence ensures that everyone is following through on their commitments. Progress is measured, and we lead by example. 

Case Study

FoodOps was responsible for vetting and onboarding small entrepreneurial brands into a Minneapolis incubator. The incubator was responsible for providing sales and delivery support while FoodOps was responsible for supporting their commercialization and ongoing forecasting, bill of material and production needs.
A brand required some in depth coaching on ingredient and packaging procurement, forecasting and the overall supply chain relationship between a co-man and the brand. The minimal touch points provided through the incubation contract were integral in maintaining inventory, production management and cash flow for the brand. Additionally the co-man was supported during these conversations which reduced frustration normally experienced between brand and co-man. 
The services provided helped legitimize the brand to investors and future partners. They continue to excel and won an award at Expo West in 2023.

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