Crop Seasonality in Processing Facility

Nayan is developing an operations plan for a crop processing and aggregation facility. This facility is intended to serve small scale, emerging farmers by providing value added products in addition to whole produce. The impact this facility will have on the community is huge – it will serve dozens of farmers and is expected to process an average 40,000 pounds of crops per week.

Obviously, different crops are harvested at different times of the year and need to be packaged as fresh as possible. This means that designing the facility based on average throughput means that equipment is underutilized during slow weeks, and the facility will be stressed during high harvest times.

Nayan aggregated crop delivery receipts from previous harvests and plotted expected throughput in the facility by week. Looking at this information graphically is a game changer. This data informs how we think about equipment sizing, staffing needs, and storage requirements for the facility.

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