Turnkey Commercialization Services

Our Clients Are…

  • Innovators, visionaries, and culinary geniuses who need some help with the execution of their product.
  • Finalizing their sales and marketing plan.
  • Funded for marketing, sales, and commercialization.

Our Clients Need Help…

  • Partnering with the right co-manufacturer.
  • Professionalizing formula and products.
  • Validating sales strategy and financials.
  • Sourcing materials, costing, and packaging.
  • Optimizing existing manufacturing.
  • Preparing and organizing documentation.

Our Approach

A dedicated FoodOps Project Manager will lead an intake session to understand your product, goals, manufacturing situation, internal team, challenges, and immediate needs.

The FoodOps team will assess the existing commercialization plan and make a plan to address needs that are critical for achieving growth.

Take a back seat while your Project Manager manages all functional groups to meet your launch timeline.  

We provide development, technical, and operational support to close the gaps in your commercialization plan. We also work with your other functional groups to facilitate accurate answers quickly. 

We have modified corporate project management tools to make sense for the fast-paced, entrepreneurial ecosystem. We structure the chaos of launching products without the extra fluff. 

We do a co-packer search. We find a 3PL that makes sense for your launch region and distribution strategy. We recommend trusted ingredient and packaging suppliers for your product. 

Our developers and engineers will physically be present at your first production run to ensure your product is produced to your standards. 

Case Study

A gummy company contacted FoodOps looking for a co-manufacturer. Our team found a co-man and organized a plant trial within 2 weeks. We approved ingredients, sourced packaging, and facilitated additional packing equipment installation at the production site. During that trial, it was determined that there were texture issues with the existing formula developed for the brand.

FoodOps put them in contact with a formulator who flew out to the co-man and developed a formula that met the original specifications required by the brand. The formula was approved, and the brand proceeded with a production run to fulfill launch at a newly partnered national retailer.

Six weeks after FoodOps was initially contacted for this project, the revised product was made and on its way to the retailer. There were challenges along the way, but our technical experience in gummies, diligent management, and extensive network of partners helped this project be successful within a very aggressive timeline.

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