Krista manages the S&OP for a canned beverage company with a seasonal sales cycle. In this role, she works directly with the co-manufacturer to schedule production the client. This week, Krista had to push hard to secure necessary line time for her client. We needed to ensure the client had inventory, as they are approaching a heavy sales time.

Organization is key to make this happen. Krista came into the discussion prepared:

  1. She was able to appeal to partnership by showing the history of other times the co-manufacturer had shorted an order for this client.
  2. She was able to show the ingredients to produce were there by showing all POs, BOLs, and yield reports for previous production runs.
  3. She was able to be flexible by agreeing to dividing the production run into SKUs that worked with the co-manufacturer’s production schedule.

The extra day of production that Krista got for her client meant an extra 20,000 cases to sell during this key sales cycle.

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